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What are Hashtags? And why are they important.

All about hashtags.

Hashtags- more than a number sign-is a type of metadata tag. All the social media posts are incomplete in today’s digital world without them.

To point out, It is more prominent on Twitter and Instagram.

Father of hashtags.

In the year 2007, Chris Messina, also known as the father of hashtags, proposed it. By all means, It allowed easy and user-generated tagging which makes it easy to find any specific theme.

The popularity of hashtags.

As a matter of fact, Today millions of social media users worldwide are using hashtags. Moreover, The curiosity of using it made it popular among other social media platforms also. Important to realize, Why hashtags are so much important? To clarify, they increase social media presence and make the content more viewable. It helps in finding content that is relevant to the interests of the users.

Importance of hashtags.

Moreover, Hashtags make it easy to focus only on the information which a social media user actually wants. It helps interact with other social media users with the same interests. It compels action and by filtering the facts and figures of users’ interests. From an SMBS perspective, Hashtags categorizes content which helps in targeting the audience and thereby connecting them with their SMB.

If we use hashtags properly it will reach beyond the list of followers that can build a brand. People are uploading content daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For that reason, it makes it difficult for any brand to stand out among its competitors.

Hashtags for marketing campaigns.

Hashtags are not simply the pound sign, it’s an entire marketing campaign. There are so many brands that are examples of such hashtag marketing campaigns. Coca Cola used its #ShareACoke campaign with its bottles. To encourage sharing they launched a website, where its customers can order CocaCola bottles with personalized labels. The labels included the name of the person. The campaign was a real hit.

Examples of hashtag marketing.

One such example is Audi. Audi released R8. One of its twitter users posted how desperate she is to ride an R8, by its tweeting #WantAnR8. What happened next, Audi surprised the lady by letting her drive an R8 for a whole day. Later, the hashtag was used to promote the launch of their car and made it a big success.

Many more such examples prevail in social media which has proven the importance and functionality of hashtags. “A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” Building presence and connection on social media is a big challenge. A social media company can help overcome challenges like formulating a splendid marketing strategy. They can also help in constructing a community of followers, boosting customer involvement.

A social media marketing company for hashtag marketing.

EVYOM STUDIO is a social media agency in Delhi which helps in marketing. Their expert digital marketing team creates an impactful impression. It helps companies connect with their potential customers. From Brand identification to brand exposure and then brand positioning to brand community creation. EVYOM STUDIO provides creative solutions for marketing on social media.

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