Instagram marketing
Instagram marketing

Instagram: why and How to use it for your business?

To point out, Instagram has grown into the biggest social networking service nowadays. The app allows users to upload photos and videos which can be edited and organized with various tags. Instagram, with more than 3oo million users, has become the most powerful platform. Although, It’s not just about the number of people using it. Rather it is a magic spell for SMBs. They can grow a strong following of customers who can easily relate with their brands and get paid for it.

Here are various reasons which can convince you about the unexpected benefits of using Instagram for your business:-

Instagram provides the opportunity to directly engage with customers.

According to a recent survey, there are more than 500 million daily active users. This provides an endless opportunity to engage with millions of customers daily at a commonplace. By sharing pictures and videos of your product, work, your team, and happy customers help in engaging more audience. Thereby, forming a personal connection with them.

Instagram: Generate sales and boost revenue

Instagram is a visual platform that is not only generating engagement but also driving sales. 75% of users of Instagram have admitted that they have been purchasing products through social media platforms for years. A team of experts can help you in finding creative marketing ideas to build an image that speaks for themselves. Like EVYOM, a prominent social media marketing agency in Delhi. They managed a grand opening ceremony event for a store in Lajpat Nagar. and drive a promotional campaign for them. To raise awareness they showcased the photos and videos on Instagram which helped in directing more traffic to their website.

Instagram: The hashtag is the new cool.

How people discover new content on Instagram? As a matter of fact, It is through hashtags. All the photos can be viewed that have been shared using the used hashtag. Basically, they help increase visibility. Creating effective and branded hashtags help users find your Instagram account easily among thousands of brands. The use of right hashtags is a great way to get your content in front of people. As a result, This helps in the brand awareness part of an SMB.

For instance, the #DoUsAFlavor campaign was to vote for your favorite flavor on social media. This hashtag campaign proved highly advantageous for the pre-launch of their new flavor. Isn’t it cool?

Instagram Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.

As a matter of fact, Instagram is a perfect place to show the creativity and innovation in marketing your brand. For instance, Sharing live videos and stories is a way to convey masses that your brand is not a faceless corporation. The authentic brand stories begin with an emotional connection and end up with a powerful call of action. It gives viewers a habit of watching your stories consistently. For example, many companies show behind the scene insights of their company interact with customers through live Q&A sessions. Moreover, It provides added value and creditability which gives a personal connection to customers. In addition, there are many such examples of brands that are using Instagram stories effectively.

Stay up to date and blow your competitors by creating a winning strategy.

Social media is dynamic; it changes frequently with progressive trends. That case, keeping an eye on the competitors’ posts and personal strategy becomes necessary. Instagram helps a business to keep a track on their counterparts and thereby formulate a winning marketing strategy. It includes:

Setting attainable objectives and targeting the right audience who are going to see the content of the post.

* Creating brand awareness and customer engagement by posting the content on Instagram on a regular basis. Many companies hire an expert digital marketing company to manage and run their social media profiles. They optimize the posting schedule that increases brand equity and lifetime user value.

*Optimizing the profile and uploading an eye-catching profile picture on Instagram.

*Once you decide a consent theme and your audience, decide what you will showcase in your posts. It can be a colorful photo, attention-grabbing video or a compelling story. A compelling or meaningful caption that makes the audience stop and engages.

*Respond quickly and authentically to comments and mentions or tags and show appreciation to followers by conducting contests etc.

*Promote your account on other marketing channels. Instagram enables upload Instagram posts automatically shared on other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

*Influencer marketing can take sales of your company on another level. With the help of a well-known influencer.

*Get feedback from customers. Instagram gives a platform to know the likes and dislikes of people which builds a personal connection with your company.


More people are active on Instagram as compared to Facebook and other social networks. Building a presence on Instagram gives a way to promote brand identity and get associated with millions of potential customers. So add value to your Instagram account and make followers stick around it!

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