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Instagram Marketing in 2020

Brand’s perfect influencer guide in 2020

Read this complete guide to Instagram marketing and create a successful online presence. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications. It features your video content as a way of communicating with the follower base.

Reasons to choose Instagram as a marketing medium.

Today more people are turning to Instagram to know a brand. According to Instagram is a tenth most searched query on google. Moreover, it is the second most popular social media app with active users after Facebook. In addition, 89% of its user base is outside the United States. In conclusion, Instagram is a global app with 73 million users are from India.

Most importantly, It is quite a gender-neutral space where 52% of the users are females and 48% are male. Moreover, statistics tell that around 200 million users explore at least one trade profile every day on Instagram. In addition, 62% of people say that they developed an interest in several brands after watching their Instagram stories. Hence, if you have been doubting the power of Instagram you should not doubt it now.

Creating your Business Profile for Instagram marketing.

Setting up an Instagram business profile is slightly different from creating a normal profile. To set up a business profile Firstly, tap on settings. there you will see ‘turn to business profile’ option. Secondly, click that button. After turning your profile to business profile, you get access to some advanced features like Instagram Insights, Promoted Posts, etc.

Way to Form an Impactful Marketing Profile for Instagram marketing.

A good profile contains a strong username and bio, to make your profile traffic gaining one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is to use your brand name, because when people search you, they search you by your brand name so it becomes a convenient way for them to reach out to you. your consistency as a user makes them believe that the profile actually belongs to you.

Mentioning the information about what your business is about along with clear marketing details such as the link of your website along with other contact details helps users know you, it also persuades them to follow your profile. Using keywords in your bio helps you engage with targeted followers.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of your Instagram profile are what leaves the first impression on your audience, it should look elegant while scrolling down. To create an amazing Instagram profile you should focus on a consistent editing approach that is most suited to define your style. Lighting is another important part of your feeds, focus on lighting that is relevant to your subject, also there must be appearing a perfect balance of light shades on the grid view. If there is consistency with a particular color or shade in your feed, it derives more engagement of the audience. Hence the look and feel of your Instagram account should be synchronized with your theme to bring more traffic.

Strategy for Instagram Marketing

The proven strategy for Instagram depends on the quality of the visual content you share with your audience, it should be of high quality with clear message deriving images towards its audience. Instagram stories are one the primary essential part of Instagram marketing, they can be used in various different ways to engage with your Instagram community. To promote your product put the details regarding the product in your Instagram stories and let the audience know about its essential feature so that thee find a base to go for their purchase decisions.

Another important aspect of Instagram Stories is to put different photos as your Instagram stories, it makes your audience feel engaged with you, hence builds a more engaging community. A engaged community comes into existence when the brand perform different innovative activities to be connected with viewers, for that perform different activities such as conducting polls on various topics that help you know the feedback of the audience, organize events and post about them in your feeds and stories that bring a huge response from the audience and creating different memes or cinemagraphs on relevant topics also drive a good response from the follower base. Despite the strategy described earlier, there are some other important strategies describes below.

Campaign for Brands

To create a brand movement digital marketing companies run campaigns for the brand, it contains their owned hashtag that popularizes the brand and makes the reach of the user conveniently towards brands scheme via that hashtag. It increases consumers’ awareness of your brand and increases your followers base.

Use of Emojis

Use of emojis in your bio, story or posts increases audience response. Emojis are the icons used to describe a particular emotion, gesture, place, situation or different first subject nouns such as different sports, places, religions, and symbols, etc. Emojis bring the element of emotional link with the users hence are very important to bring gorgeous Instagram statics.

Time strategy

Time strategy is another very important form of Instagram marketing. It depends on the demography of your followers or the targeted audience’s base. For example, if your followers are from India then the most appropriate time for posting is around 8:30 am. This is the time when people leave for their offices, hence are not busy in any work so they go through their Instagram feeds. The same is the case in around 1 pm and around 7-9 pm in the evening these are the times when your audience is most free and they engage themselves in social media apps. 

Some Important Tactics to increase your Followers Base

Follow on Follow

It is one of the most common strategies used by Instagram beginners to reach a respectable number of followers such as around 1k or more than that. In this tactic we, first of all, follow the pages of our main competitors, after doing that we search for there followers and follow them, the amount of people we have followed around 20-30% of that comes back to us. So when you reach a fair base of followers, unfollow the accounts you are not really interested in. But don’t use this strategy too often, it is for the initial phase of your account otherwise your accounts will be marked as spam by Instagram.

Shout for Shout

In this process, first of all, the user downloads this app called kick; it is a messenger kind of app that is hugely popular among Instagram users. In this app, there are different Instagram communities that help each other grow. In the shout-out process, you follow a popular account and pay them for the shout-out. They ask people to follow you, which increases your followers.


Another way to it is the process of Kik. The members of your Kik community will ask their follower base to follow your account. For example, there are 20 members in a Kik community. Each member of the community mentions your profile in their accounts. The same thing they alternatively do for each other hence grow together.

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