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Influencers of India

Influencers have established trust, credibility, and authenticity among their followers. They can easily persuade others with their views and opinions.

 Influencers are dreamers; they are leaders with a vision

Here is a list of some top influencers of India who are an inspiration for everyone and have gained popularity through Instagram and various other social media handles.

Influencers of India: Mansi Zaveri

Founder and CEO of kids stop press, is a true believer in explore-to-learn. This Mumbai based mother started her mom-entrepreneur journey in July 2011. Not to mention, Mansi knew every parent goes through the torturous process of raising kids, so she decided to give them assistance. Markedly, That’s when she put together Kidsstoppress.com. To point out, It covers all the aspects of a child’s life and has parents sharing their experiences. Initially, monetizing it and out setting to get owners of brands was a big challenge for her. But attitude changed over the years. Markedly, “We started with 100 visitors a day and today, have over 60,000 visitors. We get over 120,000 page views a month with 35% repeat visitors,” says Mansi. Henceforth, Her passion turned her blog into a successful brand and India’s first leading parenting blogger.

Influencers of India: Usaamah Siddique

Usaamah Siddique is one of the best menswear bloggers in the country. He went on to become the founder of the blog- The Dapper label in 2013 after working with a celebrity stylist. He has more than 62k followers who highly appreciate his sense of men’s fashion creative imagination and unique street styling. His blog features his love for designing, photography markedly, all things from fashion, lifestyles, and travel. Usaamah has worked with many celebrated media houses and big brands like GQ, Buzzfeed, MensXp, etc.

Influencers of India: Rajiv Makhani

He is a renowned tech journalist and managing editor on NDTV. Rajiv Makhani hosts technology shows including Gadget guru, Cell guru, Walks the Tech Talk. To point out, He is an award winner multiple times and writes on the latest technology for leading publications in India and abroad. He was awarded Chanakya Award in 2015 for Host of the Year and in 2013 by Indian Television Acadamy as Television Anchor of the Year.

Influencers of India: Amitabh Verma

The Ex-Googler and MBA from top B-school in India. He has over 16 years of work experience and currently runs his own startup AmpDigital Net. It is an integrated digital marketing solution and training company. Amitabh helps professionals and consults with social corporates on online advertising, SEO, social media and web analytics. To enumerate, he monitors young entrepreneurs to build a pay it forward culture in the industry’s start-up circuit.

Anupriya Kapur

Mom on the Run. Anupriya Kapur started blogging and Instagramming with an endeavor to motivate people, especially women to keep moving and take care of their physical as well as mental well being. Moreover, She has worked with many prominent brands like Adidas, Kellogs, Myntra, Maruti Nexa, Reebok, Decathlon, Xiaomi, Panasonic and many more. She dedicates about 4 hours for her workout and believes that anything can be tackled with a fit mind and body. As a guest author, she has worked with papers like Hindu and various other National Dailies.

Zakir Khan

A stand-up comedian, writer, presenter, and a college dropout. He gained popularity by winning a comedy competition “India’s Best Stand Up” organized by comedy central in 2012. His comedy style is different which was applauded by NDTV prime’s television show the rising stars of comedy. His famous punchline “Sakht Launda” is very popular among youngsters. He is one of the judges in Comicsthan 2 and a stand-up comic in Haq Se single on Amazon prime which made him gain more popularity and because of this he completed his 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Kritika Khurana

This Instagram influencer fashion and travel blogger, who is also known for her beautiful looks, personality, and style. There is a YouTube channel and a popular blog called ThatBohoGirl. She amassed more than 550k followers on Instagram for her distinctive fashion sense and her travel adventures. She is ranked among the most popular and youngest celebrities.

Nidhi Kandari

This one is for real foodies. Nidhi Kandari is a passionate food blogger. She started a food blog with name Papi Paet, where she shares plenty of photos and live videos (while cooking) and gives an honest review to her followers. Through her blogs, she exuberates her love for food and takes food lovers on an epicure journey trying out yummy cuisines from across the world. She also shares her experiences with new food bloggers that can


Influencers of India: Food Influencers

An optimist, fashion addict, food lover and beauty enthusiast who loves sharing her thoughts and ideas about beauty, skin, health, etc. This deli based blogger founded Divas World to inspire to refurbish your lifestyle with dynamic fashion trends. Moreover, he also provides beauty tips for everyone. In her blog, you will find beauty and skin related stuff and tips, fitness fundas, latest fashion trends, DIYs, product reviews, etc. that help others find encouragement and ideas through it.

Abhinav Singh

Influencers of India: Travel Influencers

He is one of the top travel Influencers of India, listed more than 15 times, and Was fired for traveling too much. For one thing, After going through a rough phase of life, with divine intervention, he started his travel blogger journey as a solo traveler in 2008. As an illustration, He has traveled more, than 200 destinations in 21 states of India and 10 countries in 10 years! To emphasize, his travel pictures and stories were published in India’s leading newspapers, travel magazines, etc. As a result, people get inspired by him. Important to realize, He is passionate about Rural Tourism, Trekking, Adventure, Eco-tourism, and Spiritual, Wildlife and specializes in luxury travel. Moreover, His blog theme is always positive and realistic.

Influencers weave a story about their experience that can easily resonate with its audience. They can kick start any marketing campaign. 

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