Importance of influencer marketing.
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Influencer Marketing: A Real Buzz In The World Of Social Media.

You will gauze the importance of influencer marketing and influencers from this famous quote by Todd Cameron.

“Influencer marketing is the first real consumer-driven marketing channel. It’s real people talking to real people. If you look back, consumers have really only had a voice for about the last 10 years. As that happened, people started to talk about things they were passionate about, building audiences and providing real valuable content to people.” -Todd Cameron

What is influencer marketing?

you tube Influencer filming a video for her channel

If you look closely, We generally come across the term ”Influencer Marketing”, However, most of us don’t understand the real meaning of it. Therefore, it is important to understand, in order to get real advantages. Hence, It is a kind of marketing where experts endorse products, through their personal social media channels.

Firstly, These influencers have a large number of devoted followers. Secondly, they follow them in order to get interesting content. However, The important thing to note here is that the influencers are not celebrities. Hence, They are experts and provide useful information relevant to their niches. In conclusion, Influencer marketing is somewhat similar to word of mouth marketing. If you look closely, it relies on the customer’s conversations around your SMB.

Celebrity endorsement VS Influencer marketing FOR SMBs.

For the past few years, celebrities’ endorsement is losing its charm among consumers. In other words, Consumers now easily make out that celebrities who are endorsing the product have limited or no experience of using it. As a result, day by day influencer marketing is gaining popularity.

Is influencer marketing relevant for SMBs?

However, Attracting and engaging new customers, building brand is getting harder by the day. Many smart SMBs have already started integrating influencer marketing into their marketing strategies. Firstly, They have fathomed the impact influencer marketing creates on millions of consumers. Secondly, how it can impact their business. Influencer marketing also helps in driving conversations.

Research says that more than 80% of consumers believe in the information provided by the influencers. Roughly 65% of the customers make their buying decision by considering the influencer’s feedback. So if you think that influencer marketing won’t work for your SMB, then think again. By not jumping on influencer marketing, you are in fact leaving money on the table.

Famous influencers and how they are helping SMBs with their marketing.


Gooble: A you tube channel

Gobble a popular Youtube and Facebook channel publishes yummy and delicious recipe videos. integration with SMBs and native advertising are important streams of revenue. For instance, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s brand Wonderchef has tied up with Gobble. Wonderchef’s products are used in the videos, and then links to their online store are attached in the description. Gobble has also partnered with Saffola and Penguin Random House India. Exploring different ways to target new demographics proves to be one of the best marketing campaigns for SMBs.

k.F.C ‘s Style of influencer marketing.

Remember #KFCSecretBurger campaign launched by KFC? KFC wanted to try some appealing marketing methods to launch their new burger ”double down burger”. For this purpose, they took advantage of influencer marketing. They tied up with some prominent food bloggers of India, namely, @delhifoodguide, @thehungrydungry, and @mumbaifoodie. As a part of the campaign, the bloggers uploaded a post on their social media channels called “the secret burger” and asked their followers to guess the name of the burger. It was more than enough to create curiosity among the people. After the launch, they invited the food bloggers to taste and give reviews about “the double down burger”, which was promoted on their social media channels too. 

Mridula Dwivedi

Influencers are all over the world, travel blogger influencers are one of them. Mridula Dwivedi is a famous travel blogger of India, whose huge fan base trusts her recommendations. On occasion of World Hamburger Day, Hard Rock Cafe (a cherished cafe) gave her an invitation to the World Burger Tour in Gurgaon. She published a blog- Travel tales on her visit to the cafe. She described her amazing experience with the delectable food and alluring ambiance. What all was needed? Her authentic and relatable content won the hearts of thousands of her social media followers.

Lakshmi Sharath

One more travel influencer, Lakshmi Sharath, wrote a blog for Accor hotels, Delhi sharing her enduring experience with them. American Express collaborated with bloggers across genres under #ExperienceAmex. After that, She took her American Express card while traveling to Croatia and shared the benefits of it.

Craftsvilla’s collaboration with influencers

Any fashion brand describes the diversity of a country. To promote this concept, Craftsvilla (a premium fashion brand) made collaboration with 20 prominent women influencers of India. For instance, they collaborated with Sonam, Nitibha Kaul, Mansi Zaveri, etc. They wrote their stories about the clothing brand. Moreover, they also nominated other ladies to share their stories.

Many other brands like Clovia, Zivame, etc. also team up with leading film stars. Filmstars market their products on their pages which helps in influencing the buyer’s decision.


In conclusion, Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that helps in witnessing huge growth in visibility and engagement of the SMB. It has created a buzz in social media leaving behind the traditional endorsement methods. But finding a relevant influencer for your SMB is not as easy as it sounds. Researching for influencers in the right way is more important than picking up a random influencer. It takes a lot of research and planning to find the right influencer whose content resonates with your customers. Evyom technologies ensure that all of this is done efficiently and organically.

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