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Facebook ads: How effective are they for small and medium businesses?

In this article let’s talk about Facebook ads together. As a matter of fact, Small and medium businesses ( SMBs) are the primary drivers of new jobs in the Indian economy. Moreover, In a mobile-driven economy, creating business strategies, particularly for mobile users, can help small SMBs grow. Hence, It will also help in boosting the economy.

By the same token, For people of India, Facebook has become an important part of their day to day life. It has 1.66 billion daily active users. In addition, more than 2.5 billion people access Facebook monthly on mobile and over 95 million daily. Among its users, 59% of people are following at least one SMBs. Additionally, Facebook has a large number of daily users. As a result, businesses are actively advertising their SMBs on Facebook.

There are more than 4 million business pages on Facebook in India. In addition, there are over 3 billion business interactions between users and businesses. Not to mention, the conventional form of advertising is hard to measure and expensive. Therefore, Facebook advertising is a much better option. It helps target the exact group of customers that businesses want to reach. Hence, save you a lot of money. In other words, advertising in less money and time with great returns. In conclusion, over 5 million businesses are already advertising on Facebook. Moreover, the number is still growing significantly.

Importance of targeting for effective Facebook ads

Facebook targeting

As a matter of fact, Facebook has always been a committed platform to create simple solutions to help SMBs grow. However, many SMBs try Facebook advertising but not all of them do it successfully.

Above all, If you want to be successful in Facebook advertising you need to follow some rules. Firstly, you need to identify your target audience. In other words, You should know to whom you will show your ads to. For instance, Users can be targeted on the basis of interests and behaviors, connections, workplace and other demographics.

Lookalike audience

It permits SMBs to find new people that resemble a particular source or look like their best customers.

Worldwide or global reign targeting

 Worldwide or global reign targeting to set up a global campaign and find efficient conversions.

Ad placements

Above all, The placement of ads on Facebook is the most important element. In fact, You can set manually to whom to show your ad. You can also place your ad on other platforms like Instagram, Messenger that have a similar user base. Notably, ad placements across Facebook platforms are feeding (Facebook and Instagram feed, marketplace), stories and in-stream videos.

Why Facebook is beneficial for SMBs?

small business

Facebook advertising has many advantages. Hence, not leveraging its benefits is a huge mistake. As a matter of fact,Many brands collaborate with social media marketing companies to handle their various social media pages. In conclusion, Facebook is a less expensive platform for advertising. Facebook is beneficial for SMBs for these reasons-

This is why you should take Facebook ads seriously.

It has the ability to reach millions and exact audiences.

The cheapest and fastest form of advertising. It allows you to find a new customer base and drives repeat business.

Increases the exposure and helps you break into a new market.

It Generates instant traffic and increases SEO rankings.

It is easier for any SMBs to keep track of its competitors through social media.

Consistency is maintained with Facebook advertising.

A personal connection is attained that helps grow sales.

How to create an effective Facebook Ad.

As a matter of fact, In the year 2018, over 4 million SMBs had posted videos, feeds, and slideshows on Facebook. It also allows users to set the daily or lifetime budget and schedule their ads.

How to create an ad and which format to choose? It sometimes becomes critical to find answers to these questions. Most importantly, It is necessary to deliver a powerful message to evoke emotion and build a connection with your potential customers. Not to mention, Digital marketing companies are experts in creating impressive ads for Facebook within your monthly budget that resonates with your ideal audiences.


Facebook ads come in various formats.

Photo ads– The images that convey the message in a beautiful form.

Video ads and slideshows- These types of ads are best to tell your story to your audience.

Carousel– Multiple images and videos in a single ad.

To emphasize, Engagement of the audience is a must to get success in Facebook advertising. There are hundreds of examples of SMBs that took advantage of remarking ads.

For instance, artificial jewelry SMBs to young and dynamic choreographers (dance studios) grew fast on Facebook. Notably, they give their followers something to look forward to. For this reason, Their multiplying followers make the Facebook advertising platform a boon to all SMBs.

By all means, Facebook is bombarded with thousands of advertisements daily. Brands need to understand what is workable for the platform. In that case, making killer ads and crafting creative content; can double or triple their SMB’s growth.

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