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If we look back, the marketing of products and services was completely different. SMBs use to market their products without the help of any digital technologies. T.v advertising, Radio advertising, etc were the leading means of advertising. Hence, It was difficult for most people to predict the future of advertising, except for a few. Similarly, the future of marketing is entirely unpredictable for most people today. Hence, it is important for SMB’S keep up with the latest digital marketing trends in 2020.

Hence, SMBs that do not keep up with the latest digital marketing trends fall behind the curve. They are generally left in the dust by their competitors. so, do you want to be one of those companies? No right? So, let us look at what the year 2020 promises on marketing trends.

Personalization in digital marketing

Injecting personalization into the marketing strategy is going to be a major game-changer for marketers in 2020. If you are wondering how to grow your SMB beyond referrals and word of mouth. Then trust me it’s pretty simple! Put your message in front of people who are most likely to convert. period. Hence, By keeping in mind the preferences of the target audience, SMBs need to add a touch of personalization in their messages. Hence, SMBs should create creative copies according to different demographics. As a result of which they would be able to build deeper relationships with customers.

For the past few years, many SMBs have started caring for building a meaningful relationship with the audience. Therefore, finally, SMBs have started understanding the importance of collaborating with good social media marketing companies.

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 “You’re no longer marketing at people. You’re influencing them in an environment where they’ve already had a chance to form a view.” —Kristin Lemkau, CMO, JPMorgan Chase

If you look closely, today’s digital world is providing seamless opportunities to SMBs to enhance customer engagements. Therefore, Here are a few trends for building personalization in the coming years.

Personalization in digital marketing trends.

Understanding purchase behavior and psychographics.

Create big opportunities and capabilities for all customers through various platforms.

Identify customer needs and make your brand useful and valuable for them.

Interact with customers directly through social media channels.

Adidas’s marketing strategy is one of the best examples of doing personalized marketing. Adidas’s locker room users can personalize their jersey, shorts, t-shirts, and socks with logo, name, and team color.

Technology makes it easier for any SMBs to improve its ways to create and deliver the best -personalized experience by 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

So what exactly is Artificial Intelligence marketing? Artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing) is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey. In the upcoming years, AI will alter existing marketing structures. It will transform the way people advertise. Therefore, will improve the overall user experience. For instance, Intelligent automation and cognitive analytics will be used to draw conclusions. AI will be implemented in the following ways;

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing Trends.


A machine that is physically available 24*7 to respond to the requests. Chatbots are easy to create and can be used for various purposes. If you look closely, Answering queries, resolving complaints, offer assistance are few of it’s uses. More than 70% of sites are already using chatbots. For instance, HDFC bank started EVA managing customer relations and other services. However, there are many issues in the chatbots but, Improving the issues can improve the user experience.

Voice search

A Gartner study predicts that 30% of all browsing sessions will include a voice search by 2020. Hence, This data makes Voice search one of the leading marketing trends in marketing. It makes a lot of sense for all SMBs to optimize their content for voice search. On the positive side, A lot of many SMBs have already started embracing the trend. However, many SMBs are yet to jump on the bandwagon. It would be beneficial for SMBs to start taking advantage of the trend before it gets competitive.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers

Alexa, Google Home will behave like brand promoting agents and encourage SMBs to advertise through it. By 2022 more than half of the homes in America will have a smart speaker. hence, This gives a great opportunity to marketers. Google and Amazon are willing to help the marketers, therefore, helping brands in developing the smart speakers’ application. For instance, Proctor and Gamble have introduced Tide and Oral-B features under “skill” application. To point out, The application users of Tide can ask Alexa how to remove grass or juice stains from clothes. In addition, Oral-B also offers a timer for tooth-brushing. In conclusion, over time Voice interactions will replace plenty of activities that are conducted by people on screens. Above all, It may be an alternative to phones and tablets in the ”Not so Distant” future.

Video marketing

video marketing

Focussing on video marketing using the YouTube channel will occupy a separate place in marketing strategy for many SMBs.

As a matter of fact, The trends of marketing are effective ways of conveying information about the brand and its product. Therefore, Learn from the mistakes done in the year 2019 to nurture and build fruitful marketing opportunities in the year 2020.

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